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Can people afford health care? WHO Barcelona Forum on Financial Protection

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The WHO Barcelona Office for Health Systems Financing is hosting a two-day meeting in Barcelona in June to discuss the preliminary findings and policy implications of a new report on financial protection in the European Region. WHO. The forum aims to raise awareness of trends, set an agenda for change, and drive policy action for affordable access to healthcare.

Drawing on evidence, analysis and best practices, 100 national and international health financing policy experts and officials from 40 countries will explore key questions around coverage policy – ​​how health coverage is designed and implemented.

The plenary sessions will focus on the following themes:

  • Addiction to a bad idea: basing the right to health care on the payment of contributions
  • There’s No Escape from Rationing: How Are Countries Dealing with Tradeoffs in Access to Healthcare?
  • Why do so many countries impose user fees, despite the evidence?
  • Can people afford to pay for their medications?
  • Can countries afford financial protection?

Each session will highlight what needs to change and why, challenge conventional thinking, and share lessons from policy changes that have helped countries move toward universal health coverage (UHC).

The forum will also offer:

  • the launch of the beta version of “UHC Watch” – the first online platform dedicated to tracking financial distress, unmet needs, health spending and coverage policies across the European Region;
  • the launch of a new report on financial protection in Ukraine;
  • Spotlight on financial protection in Belgium, Spain and the Western Balkans.

In-person participation is by invitation only, but plenary sessions will be streamed live for anyone interested in learning more about how to make health care affordable for all in the European Region.

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