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Young people create high-tech urban trees to combat alarming air pollution in Kosovo

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In 2016, the US embassy in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, began monitoring PM2.5 air pollution and made the data available on the internet. Since then, concerns have grown over air pollution levels, leading citizens of the small Balkan country to protest in the past.

According to Air Quality Index data, Kosovo in 2020 ranked 68th on the list of countries with the worst air quality in the world.

An analysis carried out by the UNICEF office in Kosovo on the impact of air pollution on health found that children, young people and pregnant women are most affected. The report shows that air pollution in Pristina is mainly caused by several factors, including coal-fired power plants located outside the city, raw coal and wood used for domestic heating in winter, industrial activity and car exhaust, combined with winter thermal inversions which reduce the height of mixing in the atmosphere. According to the analysis, each sector’s contribution to the problem remains unclear, hampering control efforts.

“A lot of attention has been paid to Obiliq thermal power plants, with little attention to other sectors. For example, the Kosovo Environmental Strategy 2013-2022 does not mention household emissions as a major contributor to the air pollution problem, although households accounted for 46% of energy consumption in 2003-2005,” indicates the report published in 2019.

High-tech trees for cleaner air

Dion Deva, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of TE Pema; photo: Léonora Aliu

Two years ago, in response to the urgent need for cleaner air in Kosovo, a group of young people from Pristina launched the project TE Pema T which translated from Albanian to English means “near the tree”. It is a play on words where T and E stand for Technology and Ecology, while the second letter T stands for the inverted letter T design of the project.

TE Pema’s tree banks are actually installations that filter the air by capturing pollutants from chimneys, power plants, cars and other environmental pollutants. They have a system that collects rainwater, which is then filtered and used to automatically water the plants. When it is not raining, these tanks can be filled manually. The trees, which remain green all year round, are also equipped with air quality meters, which indicate the current level of air pollution in the area.

One TE Pema T installation replaces 70 ordinary trees, saving space in a city that suffers from a serious deficit of green space.

“The idea of ​​a green product was born from the need for clean air and green spaces, particularly in the capital. Then when we started the industrial design of the TE Pema T product. We evaluated some special problems and needs of urban spaces which we were able to solve with the help of modern design and technology” Dion Deva, CEO & founder of TE Pema, told Trending Topics SEE.

TE Pema now saves space in a ratio of 1:600 ​​compared to conventional planting. The project was implemented with small grants from UNICEF, ICK and the Faculty of Engineering of University of Pristina.

Now, thanks to cooperation with the Municipality of Pristina, which purchased part of the manufactured trees, everyone can enjoy them and sit near an air freshener on the main square of the capital of Kosovo.

TE Péma
©TE Péma

“If we think about the name of our product, in our language, it makes even more sense. It makes you imagine that you are surrounded by nature, near the trees, in peace and comfort. So, as a point of reference, we decided to invite everyone to join us near a tree, get some fresh air and enjoy a green environment in the most polluted city in the country,” added Dion.

Spread the green idea

Even though Pristina has the worst air quality in Kosovo, other cities in the country also suffer from this problem. Thus, the capital was soon joined by the municipality of Peja in purchasing trees from the town of TE Pema. Gjakova, Obliqi and Deçan Municipality followed suit, all in response to the need to provide more common green spaces for their citizens.

“Our business model is mainly B2G (business to Government). Building trust was one of the many challenges we faced. We also face a shortage of qualified professionals in the industry. Access to financing is another challenge we have had to overcome in order to create and manage other businesses to finance our projects. Other problems included primitive entrepreneurial policies, weak legal basis for intellectual property, etc. “, Dion Deva told Trending Topics SEE.

The need for clean air solutions increases amid growing urban populations

According to Deva, the dynamics of city life continue to grow. A World Bank report predicts that by 2045, around 70% of the world’s population will live in urban areas, up from 50% today.

“In order to ensure the well-being and safety of everyone, we need adequate infrastructure. Our objectives are therefore to create smart and green cities. Not only the population, but also the city’s infrastructure must be ‘alive’ and respond dynamically,” he said, adding that the TE Pema team will continue to invest its revenues to make the country’s cities greener.

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