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US Embassy Statement on Government Formation

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With Montenegro’s new government taking office today, the United States continues to stand with the country and citizens of Montenegro to advance EU membership and uphold Euro-Atlantic values.

The new Montenegrin government should be accountable to its stated goals of “full membership of Montenegro in the European Union; active and credible membership in the NATO alliance; improve good neighborly relations; and strengthen our country’s role in multilateral organizations. As a NATO member, we are concerned that factions that have not historically supported these stated goals may hinder Montenegro’s progress. We call for vigilance to ensure that Montenegro can seize this historic opportunity to fully realize its democratic and economic potential.

We hope to see the newly formed government make rapid progress in fulfilling its commitments, moving the country towards EU membership and remaining a strong ally within NATO. We will support and recognize the constructive actions of the new Parliament and the new government, while expressing our concerns about activities that contradict Euro-Atlantic values ​​and hinder tangible progress towards European integration. Expectations are high and we believe they can and will be met.

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