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Russia seeks seat on UN human rights committee after expulsion over Ukraine war

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Russia, which was expelled from the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2022, is seeking to rejoin the Geneva-based body, defying Western efforts to isolate the country following its invasion of Ukraine .

Several UN diplomats and analysts suggest Russia wants to use its wartime control over grain shipments and arms and energy sales to gain support in a secret vote scheduled for October 10. Besides Russia, Albania and Bulgaria are competing for two Eastern European seats. .

Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, a nonprofit that monitors the United Nations, said in comments to the Wall Street Journal that while some countries might be hesitant to publicly vote for Russia’s grain pledge, arms and oil could influence their dominant position. . decision.

Russian diplomats, for their part, accuse the United States of unfairly supporting Albania and say the United States is exerting pressure in Africa to obtain votes for the Balkan country.

Alexander Pchelyakov, spokesman for the Russian mission in Geneva, rejects accusations that Russia is using arms and grain sales as electoral leverage, describing them as a “weak propaganda attempt to discredit Russia among leftists “. readers. »

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