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President Vučić: If oil prices continue to rise, all our efforts will be in vain – Business & EconomyEnglish

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After the meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić addressed the audience.

Source: B92


The President said he had discussed the growth agenda for the Western Balkans with Ursula von der Leyen.

He said it was a great opportunity to engage with European leaders, and both von der Leyen and Charles Michel reiterated the importance of growth for the Western Balkan countries. They discussed what can be done to improve economic performance, and he hopes to receive a boost on various crucial issues, first and foremost the green agenda.

“It is also important for the Serbs that we spoke to Ursula last night. She and Charles Michel reiterated the importance of the so-called growth agenda and how the EU is preparing the growth agenda for the Balkan countries Western countries for October. We plan ways to improve our economic performance by supporting various programs, subsidies, incentives for the green agenda and additional financial influx for the Western Balkan countries. This is of great importance to us,” said Vučić.

He also mentioned that he expects Serbia to exceed 4 billion euros in foreign direct investments this year, but stressed the need to attract more investments.

“It is important for us to rationally consider what we can do with the EU. What they mentioned about the single economic market is important. It is not easy for us, but it is crucial because “this would further stimulate the growth of our country and make us more attractive to foreign investments. We need to attract them even more in the future if we want to continue growth,” explained Vučić.

He discussed the energy situation in Europe with von der Leyen and Michel, saying the good news is that the situation is now much better.

“I am particularly concerned about the rise in the price of oil. If the rise continues for another two or three weeks, it will be disastrous. But I believe that warehouses across Europe are well supplied, which means that electricity will not become too expensive in the future. the market and gas will not be at too high prices. This is still good for our country, and it is also good for reducing inflation, so in any case, This is good news,” he stressed.

He referred to the BRICS summit that started today, saying that he does not expect news on the expansion of this organization today, but that discussions are ongoing.

“If they make a decision regarding expansion, it is a historic decision. They will become a global player. The political game will become more and more intriguing,” he said.
He mentioned that subsidies for all children up to 16 years old were needed.

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