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Five destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina have entered the world TOP 100!

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At the flagship global event “Green Destinations Top 100 Stories” held last week in Tallinn (Estonia), five destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the framework of the EU4Business Recovery project, co-financed by the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany, entered the Top 100 of the best destinations working on the development of sustainable tourism.

In addition to the individual destinations of Japan, Peru, Slovenia, Italy, Serbia, Estonia, USA, Croatia and Portugal, Bosanka Krupa, Konjic, Trebinje, the natural monument of Skakavac Sarajevo and Šamac were selected for the “TOP 100 green destinations”. Stories” in the world for the year 2023.

The ninth edition of the event in Tallinn created an inspiring collection of best practice stories from sustainable destinations from around the world. During the award ceremony, it was highlighted that these best practices will be shared with managers, tour operators and visitors around the world to facilitate knowledge exchange in the tourism sector. Responsive management organizations that have entered the Global Top 100 can serve as an example to others by demonstrating how they have found solutions to the challenges and issues of sustainable tourism.

During the conference it was highlighted that the tourism sector has faced very difficult times in recent years and its resilience and hard work is something we should all be proud of. All selected destinations were assessed according to the Green Destinations Standard criteria, such as quality, sustainability, level of innovation in their stories and best practices.

This year there were a total of 165 applications. Submissions were evaluated by the Top 100 evaluation team, Green Destinations experts, partners and coordinators. Bosnian-Herzegovinian destinations won in the following categories:

  1. Konjic, Destination Management: 2023 Konjic_History of the green destination_.docx
  2. Trebinje, Destination Management: 2023-GPS-Town-of-Trebinje.pdf (greendestinations.org)
  3. Skakavac natural monument, nature and environment: 2023_Story of good practices_MoN Skakavac.docx (greendestinations.org)
  4. Tišina Šamac protected area, destination management: 2023_-_GPS_Word_Template_vxg7ip Protected habitat Tisina.docx (greendestinations.org)
  5. Bosanska Krupa, Advanced Community: 2023_-_GPS_Word_Template_vxg7ip Protected habitat Tisina.docx (greendestinations.org)

EU4BusinessRecovery project partners, experts from the Green Visions Ecotours company, which organizes and promotes successful destinations in the Western Balkans, were tasked with preparing destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the green certification process.

Thierry Joubert, Executive Partner of Green Visions Ecotours, says that in 2023, destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina have successfully fulfilled the first 15 criteria of the Green Destinations Standard and in the coming year they will fulfill the criteria 15 other criteria. in total 84. Each of them will create an action plan to implement these 15 new criteria in their destinations.

“The confirmation that Bosnian and Herzegovinian destinations meet 60% of the first 15 criteria and have written and shared sustainable tourism stories led to the selection of these destinations by Green Destinations for the Top 100 awards. This means that the destination is on the right track in terms of organization and meets the 84 criteria of Green Destinations, strengthening skills and understanding of sustainable tourism,” said Joubert, adding that the entry of these destinations into the world top 100 is an important success for tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Aware of the growing demand for green tourism, sustainability and the tendency of tourists to turn to environmentally friendly destinations, Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the framework of the EU4Business Recovery project, co-financed by the European Union and the government of the Federal Republic of Germany. , paves the way for a new chapter in the development of green destinations in tourism.

Danija Krieg, project manager of EU4BusinessRecovery, says that sustainability is key to tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as all over the world, and that countries like Estonia, which are similar in size and tourism offerings to those of Bosnia and Herzegovina can serve as a model. an inspiration and a source of “know-how”.

“The tourism sector should value the richness of nature that Bosnia and Herzegovina already offers and work together to create sustainable products, which involves the development of interesting tourism offers and stories connecting our history and traditions to the natural resources which would intrigue tourists even more. our destinations. And we do indeed have a lot to offer. Only through joint efforts, networking and combining offers and stories can we guarantee a sustainable future for our country,” believes Krieg.

The Green Destinations Top 100 Stories is an annual competition organized by Green Destinations. The competition is organized under the patronage of the Top 100 Partnership, supported by the Future of Tourism Coalition, with special contributions from Green Destinations, ITB Berlin, QualityCoast, Good Tourism Guide, Travelife, Ecotourism Australia and DEL Turismo, in addition to sponsorship. from Acorn Tourism for waiving Consulting and Simpleview fees.

Photo: DOK, Dzenan Kismetovic

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