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The legacy of the Ottoman Empire, the future of Turkey: Turks, Kurds, Arabs – İhsan Aktaş

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Humanity has never faced a greater calamity than modern Western civilization. Western colonial empires used knowledge, technology, politics, media and all their resources for the prosperity of their own nations, at the expense of the suffering of other nations.

Not content with exploiting the territories they occupied, they politically destabilized these countries and even planned wars that would take place within their borders a hundred years later. Some of the problems created for this purpose include:

– The existence of the State of Israel, thrown like a dagger among the Arab countries.

– The Kashmir issue between Pakistan and India.

– The dispute over the Persian Gulf islands between Iran and Arab countries.

– The Hatay question between Turkey and Syria (fortunately, this question is resolved).

– The direct occupation and relentless exploitation of African territories.

– The centuries-old occupation and exploitation of Asian countries in their entirety.

So much oppression, cruelty and cultural imperialism can only be hidden by a great illusion. Positive elements such as democracy, economic development, growth and modernity, although directly linked to their own well-being, have brought no change to the suffering of the colonized countries.

Looking at the issue from our point of view, the imperialists, after two centuries of efforts, not only destroyed the Ottoman Empire, but also imposed cultural imperialism on our country by preventing the revival of this Empire as a great Turkey. The British and other elements of the colonial empire knew that the Ottoman Empire, which had ruled over different races and religions for centuries, could not fit into the mold of a single-race nation-state. . Of course, each nation has its own value, but the real power of the Ottoman state came from the Turks, Kurds and Arabs. Cultural imperialism’s greatest success was making enemies between Arabs and Turks after the First World War.

The Republic of Turkey is a nation-state and every nation-state has a hinterland. Today, thanks to the Commonwealth, England is the home of a third of the world’s population. Aristocrats, rich people and politicians from these countries live in London. What is strange is that the same situation applies to our Arab brothers. Recently, Istanbul has become a similar hub for Arabs, as has London.

Today, in terms of the extent of its hinterland, Turkey is more advantageous than England. England represents old and outdated ideas. They have nothing to say to the world except their own interests.

In recent years, significant developments have taken place allowing Turkey to rebound strongly from its downfall. Turkey developed independently from Western states and completed its infrastructure. In terms of development, it surpasses many European countries. With a strong economy, it can support this development.

However, at this very moment, the century-old efforts of the British are coming into play: increasing Turkish-Arab hostility and animosity. The aim is to have a direct impact on the Turkish economy. Trabzon and its surrounding towns have become a tourist paradise for Arab tourists. Trabzon’s contribution to the Turkish economy alone amounts to $1 billion. So who would undertake such work to harm the Turkish economy in the UK? Some destructive practices following events like this also appear in the malicious Arab media, without lagging behind ours. Nobody has anything against oppressed refugees. The Turkish economy is the one that is suffering. Investors and tourists are becoming worried.

British imperialism could not make enemies of the Kurds and Turks because these two nations have been like flesh and nails throughout history. Of course, they have a formula: the PKK terrorist organization. The PKK has been trying for forty years to separate the Kurds, whom Western colonialism was unable to distance from Turkey through racism.

Last week, during a talk show on refugees, migrants and tourism, the subject of employment came up. I said that children in developed countries do not work in strenuous jobs, just as foreigners work in sub-sectors in the UK, France and Germany, it will be the same here. I mentioned that the influx of several million Syrians into Turkey due to the Syrian civil war is a temporary situation. I spoke about the needs of the sectors. During the show, each panelist received dozens of messages from industry representatives, but of course, no one mentioned them on the program.

Imagine a country where the entire Arab geography, African countries, Balkans, Organization of Turkic States member countries, Baltic countries, Ukraine, etc., constitute your hinterland. For 100 years, the riches of Arab geography have increased the share of prosperity of the West. People without any political sensitivity, disguised under the guise of nationalism, harm the country’s economy, diplomacy, future and influence.

The era of imperialism is coming to an end. As Greater Turkey shapes the future step by step, trying to make Arabs hate Turks and Turks hate Arabs will serve no purpose other than harming our vision of the future.

It is no coincidence that Western states unanimously support the PKK. Let’s take this old toy out of British hands. We are a nation with the heritage of an empire. At certain times in history, we undertake long journeys. Let us not sacrifice this great expedition for small steps.

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