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New study reveals the best European real estate investment programs “Golden Visa”

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Spain, Montenegro, Turkey, Portugal and Greece have been ranked among the top five countries in Europe for real estate investments in terms of residency and citizenship rights.

Henley and Partners, in collaboration with Deep Knowledge Analytics, has introduced an analytical tool called Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index to evaluate investment migration programs that offer real estate investments as an effective way to obtain residency rights and to acquire citizenship. SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Spain occupies second place in the index introduced by Henley and Partners. This southwestern European country is highly renowned for the opportunities it offers to international investors, offering diverse locations from urban areas to islands.

Another European country, Montenegro, was also ranked among the top five European destinations for real estate investment. The Balkan country was placed third in the index, offering investors the chance to choose between coastal resorts and new establishments, while also being known for its popular mountain and ski areas in the north.

In fourth place is Turkey, known for its high scores due to its low investment amount and residency requirements.

At the same time, Portugal shares fifth place with Thailand. The European country is also famous for its real estate market.

Greece is ranked sixth, while the country is very popular for its Golden Visa program, which attracts a large number of internationals.

Another European country, Cyprus, has been included in the list of countries offering excellent opportunities for international investors.

Cyprus was placed at the eighth position in the index, while this country is also known for its high scores due to its low amount of investment.

When it comes to countries outside Europe, the Emirate of Dubai was placed first among the territories in the world with the best rental income potential, while the property price per square meter is lower than that of most international centers.

Thailand, Grenada, Dominica and Saint Lucia are also among the top ten destinations for investors interested in real investment for residency.

A total increase of 80 percent in inquiries was seen by the International Residency and Citizenship Firm over the last year.

In this regard, Dominic Volek, Head of Private Clients at Henley and Partners Group, said that preventive measures imposed to stop the spread of the virus, such as lockdowns, entry bans, travel restrictions and work remotely, convinced investors of the advantages of alternative solutions. residency and citizenship.

“International real estate has always been a reliable asset class for global investors due to its long-term sustainability. Real estate-related investment migration programs have the added benefits of enhancing your global mobility through multiple passports and extending your personal access rights as a citizen or resident of additional jurisdictions, creating an option in terms of where you and your family can live, work, study. , retire and invest,” Volek emphasized.

He stressed that the potential gains “over the life of the investment, include fundamental asset value, rental yields and global access as the ultimate hedge against regional and global volatility.

European countries like Spain, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria are famous for their Golden Visa programs, which offer great opportunities to internationals. However, these systems have often been criticized for their involvement in illicit affairs. The Commission of the European Union has continued to call on the authorities of countries which apply such systems to abolish them. as soon as possible.

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