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Moroccan artist complains about persistent refusal of his Schengen visa

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Moroccan artist Taha Tifraoui, known by his stage name Plylist, has complained about the continued denial of his Schengen visa, accusing European Union countries of discrimination.

Plylist, whose Schengen visa application was recently rejected by the Netherlands, said he had already been the victim of refusals several times, reports SchengenVisaInfo.com.

The Moroccan artist revealed on his social media that he had applied for a Dutch Schengen visa for professional purposes two months before his planned entry into the country. The same expressed his shock at the decision of the Dutch authorities to reject his application and stressed that he had submitted all the required documents.

“It interests me that they question my intentions to return to Morocco. By rejecting our visa applications, the people who manage our visa files are degrading us,” » reads the artist’s statement.

He also said that other countries had refused him a Schengen visa and, at the same time, stressed that Moroccan artists and citizens are “not taken seriously” by EU/EU countries. Schengen area when applying for a Schengen visa. According to him, such a situation constitutes a major problem which must be resolved as quickly as possible.

Besides Moroccan artists, other citizens of the country also face strict rules when applying for a Schengen visa.

Given the restrictions Moroccans face when applying for a Schengen visa, a country expert complained earlier this year about unreasonable rules.

Sofia El Mansouri, a well-known Moroccan compliance expert, joined the call for European authorities to apply fair rules to all applicants, regardless of their country of origin, in January of this year.

Mansouri then condemned the restrictions that EU/Schengen countries continue to apply to Moroccan nationals and said the treatment Moroccans endure is humiliating.

Furthermore, Mansouri also revealed that she herself had experienced a similar situation a few months ago. According to Morocco World News, Mansouri has not been able to make an appointment with an EU consular representation to renew his visa since November 2022.

Currently, all Moroccan nationals must obtain a Schengen visa to enter the bloc.

Applicants must submit the completed form Visa application form, their valid passport and two photos. Additionally, they must also submit proof of having purchased travel health insurance, a plane ticket for the continuation, evidence showing where they will stay during their time in the EUAnd proof of sufficient financial meansamong others.

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