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Fico remains anti-Ukrainian and prefers exclusion from European group – EURACTIV.fr

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In today’s Capitals news:


Robert Fico, winner of the Slovak elections and leader of the Smer party, will not change his rhetoric on Ukraine and would prefer to “pay the price” for exclusion from the European group to which his party is affiliated, he declared in a video published on social networks after the leader of European socialists threatened to expel him. Learn more.



The EU “gave too much to the market”, declared the main candidate of the French Greens. “A bad wind is blowing against ecology. It is in these conditions that we are approaching the European elections,” warns Marie Toussaint, MEP and head of the list of the French Greens (Europe Écologie – Les Verts, EELV) for the June 2024 elections, in an interview with Euractiv France. Learn more.

Michel wants the December summit to approve the accession negotiations between Ukraine and Moldova. EU leaders should give the green light to open formal accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova at the December EU summit, European Council President Charles Michel said in a recent interview with Louise and other European media in Brussels. Learn more.



France calls for Armenia to benefit from the European Peace Facility. The European Union and its member states can “do more” to help Armenia and send “a clear signal”, said French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna, who also announced on Tuesday that France would provide “military equipment “. Learn more.

France presents a pro-sovereignty plan to save the livestock sector in the grip of the crisis. French Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau on Tuesday presented a series of measures aimed at ensuring that the crisis-ridden livestock sector regains its long-lost food sovereignty in almost all sectors. Learn more.



Germany is turning to partnership agreements to repatriate irregular migrants. Faced with growing dissatisfaction with the country’s handling of the refugee situation, Germany has decided to enter into bilateral agreements with other countries to reduce the number of new asylum applications, six of which are currently in progress of development. Learn more.



Domino effect in Central Europe as countries introduce border controls after Poland’s decision. Czechia introduces random checks on its border with Slovakia; However, it is not the number of migrants that is behind this decision, but rather the decision of the Polish government which has triggered a domino effect in the Central European region. Learn more.



Construction of the first energy island off the Belgian coast will begin in 2024. A building permit has been granted for the world’s first energy island project in the North Sea, work on which should start in early 2024, network manager Elia announced on Tuesday. Learn more.



Cash-for-housing asylum bill wins majority in Dutch Parliament. The long-debated asylum bill, which would compensate local authorities for taking in additional refugees, won a majority in parliament on Tuesday ahead of a final vote next week, but is unlikely to be ratified by the Senate. Learn more.



Luxembourg: will the “Gambia” coalition continue? Things are looking good for the current government coalition in Luxembourg as the Liberals, Center Left and Greens are expected to win the 31 seats needed to continue ruling the country. Learn more.



Sweden promises more facial recognition by drones in fight against gang violence. Sweden plans to deploy more equipment to better tackle gang-related crime, with the government promising police 2,500 more cameras for next year and allowing the use of facial recognition, easier use of drones and external cameras, Swedish Justice Minister Gunnar Strömmer said at a press conference. Tuesday. Learn more.



The CPLP mobility agreement in Portugal is not incompatible with Schengen rules, said the Secretary of State. There is no incompatibility between the mobility agreement between the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) – which allows individuals to apply for a residence permit in Portugal – and the Schengen regime, despite Commission action European Union, declared the Portuguese Secretary of State for European Affairs, Tiago Antunes. said Louise. Learn more.



Italian students demand more funding amid cost of living crisis. Hundreds of students demanded more funding for education and opposed high rents at a protest in Turin on Tuesday, outside an event attended by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Learn more.



Sánchez, appointed to form the government, promises “harmony” with Catalonia. Spain’s King Felipe VI on Tuesday appointed interim Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez – who pledged to continue working for “harmony” in Catalonia, a thorny political issue he must resolve if he wants to return in power. Learn more.



European Commission: Malta’s new national airline will not be the same as Air Malta. Malta’s new low-cost airline will be different from the old AirMalta despite attempts by the government to view the closure of AirMalta and the creation of a new low-cost airline as a smooth transition, or even in retaining the same name and brand, the European Commission said. The passage. Learn more.



NATO receives Knight of Liberty Award at Warsaw Security Forum. NATO was awarded the title of Knight of Liberty on Tuesday for its exceptional role in maintaining peace in the transatlantic region at the Warsaw Security Forum, an annual event that brings together politicians and military experts and defense around the world. Learn more.



Romania’s photovoltaic boom could backfire due to the age of the electricity network. Romania’s old electricity grid may not be able to cope with the unprecedented increase in the use of photovoltaic systems which has so far generated an energy production volume of 1,063 MW. Learn more.



The Bulgarian government promises not to force the closure of coal-fired power plants. The Bulgarian government has promised coal workers – who are blocking roads in protest – that it will not make any administrative decisions to close coal-fired power plants before 2038, leaving this issue entirely to the free market.. Learn more.



Appointment of a new Slovenian Minister of Health as a government reshuffle is imminent. Prime Minister Robert Golob has nominated a candidate for Minister of Health, three months after parting ways with Danijel Bešič Loredan due to a difference of opinion on health reform, the government’s flagship project. Learn more.



Tensions persist in Kosovo, Radoičić arrested. Kosovo police continued to carry out raids in Banjska, northern Kosovo, following the September 24 terrorist attack, and on Tuesday Serbia arrested Milan Radoičić, the former vice president of the Serbian List admitted his involvement in leading the attack that killed a Kosovo police officer. .Learn more.



MEPs call for the lifting of EU sanctions against Kosovo and for firm action against Serbia after the terrorist attack. MEPs debated the situation in Kosovo following the September 24 terrorist attack, apparently supported by Belgrade, with lawmakers calling for urgent action against Serbia and the lifting of sanctions against Kosovo. Learn more.



The Western Balkans benefit from lower roaming prices in the EU following the new agreement. An agreement between 38 Western Balkans telecommunications operators and the EU – which significantly reduces the cost of roaming – has come into force, reducing the cost of internet data for residents of these regions when they are in the EU and vice versa. Learn more.


  • EU: Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean delivers opening speech at Urban Mobility Days in Seville, Spain; Launches the Declaration on Cycling;
  • Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries Virginijus Sinkevičius speaks during the panel discussion “Hunger as a weapon: Russia’s attempts to destabilize the world” at the Warsaw Security Forum;
  • Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen visits Nairobi, Kenya;
  • Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides takes part in Parliament’s plenary debate on glyphosate extension proposal;
  • Parliament’s plenary session debates the need for rapid adoption of the asylum and migration package;
  • The President of the Parliament, Roberta Metsola, receives the President of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel;
  • ECB President Christine Lagarde speaks at the opening of the monetary policy conference in Berlin, Germany;
  • Germany: Chancellor Olaf Scholz receives Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov;
  • France: President Emmanuel Macron receives Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo; Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna participates in the Assembly hearing on Niger and Gabon;
  • Austria: Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov on an official visit to discuss accession to the Schengen area and migration;
  • Russia: President Vladimir Putin receives Abkhazian President Aslan Bjania;


(Edited by Sarantis Michalopoulos, Daniel Eck, Alice Taylor, Sofia Stuart Leeson, Sofia Mandilara)

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