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China, Albania reach visa-free travel deal

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Albanian and Chinese citizens can now enter their respective territories without having to first apply for a visa, following the agreement reached between the authorities of these two countries.

According to a report provided by Lajme RTSH, such a proposal was presented by Olta Xhacka, the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, emphasizing that the decision will come into force immediately, VisaGuide.World reports.

Western Balkan countries maintain close contacts with East Asian countries, mainly for economic purposes, according to the Balkan Insight report.

The same report mentions a report from the European Parliament, published last June, on the Western Balkans and China, which states that for the states of this territory, the absence of conditionality for Chinese investments makes them more attractive.

“However, this has a negative impact on EU conditionality by reducing the effectiveness of proposed reforms and standards, notably in terms of social rights, sustainability and environmental protection. Other aspects of Beijing’s activities in the region could also hamper the Balkan countries’ membership prospects.” he added.

Previously, Albanian authorities announced the abolition of visas for Chinese citizens during the peak tourist season. The Albanian government announced that, for a period from April 1 to October 31, all persons holding valid passports from a total of nine countries, including those from China, could enter Albania without having to apply for a visa. visa in advance for a period. of 90 days.

The bilateral agreement between Albania and China was concluded as part of efforts to facilitate the travel process. Furthermore, it was reported that following the bilateral agreement, these two countries had previously waived visas for all diplomatic and service passport holders.

It was also reported that in August, China and Albania reached an agreement to facilitate visa procedures, granting visas of more than five years to citizens of the two countries holding ordinary passports at specific purposes, including business, tourism and family visits.

Besides Albania, Serbia has also reached an agreement with China for visa-free travel. Other third countries require visas for Chinese nationals, although in North Macedonia there has been talk of mutual visa abolition for many years.

Turkish citizens also need a visa to visit China. It has also been reported that Chinese officials are excluded from the visa requirement to travel to Turkey for a period of more than 30 days, but other passport holders must have a visa.

Montenegrin citizens also need a visa to enter China, valid for a period of six months. At the same time, Chinese citizens also need a visa to enter Montenegro, valid for 30 days.

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